The summer season is the definitive time to get out into our gardens & terraces and make the most of them. With the right decoration and choosing the right colours and finishes, you can create a great atmosphere and the perfect place for complete comfort and relaxing. It is very important to consider the properties of any material to be used outdoors. In our case, we have chosen to work with steel.

Initially you may feel steel is too crude a material with no versatility, but this is far from correct. Nowadays, the innovations in the manufacturing of this material make it suitable for many domestic uses (both in steel sheets or profiles). The creativity of the metalworker can endow different a personality to the material in each design.

A new dressing to your existing fence can completely redefine your garden/terrace. At Royito Studio we can design a new cladding system specifically to suit your demands.

If you already have an existing metal fence it is possible it may have a poor design with the wrong finishing treatment applied.


Typically, fences, railings or gates, have been treated with only in a basic prime coat with a painted finish. This is the most typical of finishes carried out during the real estate boom in Spain. Over time, the material becomes as the paint finish is damaged. That’s why, at the time of replacing your metal fence, one of the most important aspects to consider is the maintenance and durability of it.


It is essential to do an initial analysis of the environment conditions, such the humidity, salinity (very important), sunlight exposure and sudden changes in temperature. These are the key factors which affects the materiality and finishes choice. Once established, we will decide on the best materials and finishes to be used for your specific garden/terrace.

We begin with the thickness of the material to be used, which is a product of the treatment that we want to apply.

  • galvanised steel + powder coated finish

  • zinc plated steel + epoxi powder coated finish

The galvanising process it is carried out under extremely high temperatures conditions and can therefore bend the material.  Profiles with a minimum thickness of 2 mm, have to be used.  Any additional welded structures to the galvanised frame should have the same thickness, to ensure the whole piece cools down uniformly.

In a drier environment we can use zinc plated steel. It is also a more affordable choice. With this material, we can use different material thicknesses within the same finished piece. 1-1.5 mm steel sheet can be used, with no risk of bending.

Strategic material choices are not readily visible, but they are essential if we want to avoid maintenance works every year. The colour lacquered finish will provide a uniform and tough finish, and protection against the oxidation, but it is not enough on its own.


We always advise if you don´t want the railing or fence of your garden look rusty and damaged in less than two year time, it has to be treated properly. It avoids future maintenance and the client will get more durability. There is typically a warranty from the supplier, this involves an initial upfront cost, but economic in the long term.   

If you have any queries in regards to the products treatment, the installation process or the maintenance required, please contact us at or leave us a message below on this page.

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