Low stork plant pot


Funny pedestal with gold zinc plated finish. Place your best plant in and convert it into a bird.

Bring them out to your terrace and the sunlight will change their colour. Putting on top a marble sheet or a glass will convert the plant pot to a side table. It´s perfect for both an indoor and outdoor environment.


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Designer: Royito Studio
Materials: 10 mm steel solid bar gold zinc plated, orange and pink.
Dimensions: H.50cm – D.18 cm 
Weight: 1,2 kg.

Cleaning: Clean with soapy water. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
Maintenance: Not needed.
Assembly: Assembly not required.

Delivery: No stock. The estimated term is Thirty days from the completion of the order. Out of Spain check deadlines.

The plant pot support is in two different sizes. These pots can be placed together or separated as (once again) they are suitable for inside or outside of the house.

The stork plant pots are ideal to give a casual atmosphere to your space. The volume of the plant will guarantee personality to the thin and elegant structure.