We had a wonderful day as we said goodbye to the school year and gladly welcomed summer in the exhibition Renacer, which was organized by our friend José Azul.on his village.



The day started early for us, as we went with the invited artists to prepare and organize the last bits and pieces of their works.

Carlos Naval, Carlos Pardos, Iván Manzanero, Pipa Álvarez, Jabí Burguete, Jorge Nebra, Ebro Jardín, Inma Pardos, Chato Costa, Susana Bernal, Raúl Cartiel, Raquel Rodrigo, Julia Serrano, Txepe Pardos, Gema Tornos y Chus Remón were some of the artists who joined us.



The formalities of the event started at noon, and throughout the day a lot of colleagues joined us. Some of these included: Luis “el churro” with his wind instruments, Javier Picazo with the megaphone, Michael and his recital, Arturo Lazaro making a music interpretation workshop, and many others… The Vermouth time was complimented by the blue of the wine, an amazing Sophie frizzante chardonnay of Jose Peribañez.

Some of the great photos that Carlota Vicente and Miguel Añaños took are shown on this post.


We also manufactured some pieces for the occasion, as a sample of the work that Royito Studio does. All of them inspired by zoomorphic shapes and the organic lines of nature, but keeping the industrial essence of Royito Studio and the honesty of the materials. The pedestals ‘Pollo’, the side tables ‘Renacer’ and the plant pots ‘Arana’ are a few pieces that come to mind.




On the 15th of July we enjoyed a day of photography with close friends, painted, sculptures, attended theatre, listened to a range of music and poetry in the countryside of Burbaguena.

If you like our work and require more information about the manufacturing or the selling condition please write to hola@royistudio.comand we will reply ASAP.

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