We are already back from Milano Design Week. It has been a very interesting and enriching experience, but exhausting at the same time. As I mentioned on my first post, it was my first time visiting this event, and I am back amazed and full of energy with new ideas to be applied on Royito´s projects.

II read a lot about this exhibition before going, but I had never imagined the size and significance of it… it´s just amazing. The whole city is involved and the creative atmosphere created can be sensed everywhere. We went from Wednesday to Sunday. Assuming that two days would be lost travelling, we had only three days to make the most of our visit. I set up three goals:The «Salone», Brera neighbourhood and Tortona district. It might not be the best choice, but good enough for the first time. We landed in Milan Wednesday around midnight. Our apartment was near to Wagner square, a nice nightlife area with a lot of bars and restaurants (this is always a plus point for me).

      • DAY ONE (THURSDAY 13th April)… LUXURY 

After a little conflict with the tube workers* we arrived at Salone di Mobile. It was a huge exhibition with enormous pavilions of international furniture brands. After having a look to the pavilions named «classic» and «luxury», we started to be a bit desperate about the atmosphere among Arab sheikhs and Russian oils producers. Thank God, after that, we started to see modern design showcases at the third pavilion. Here a few samples of companies we loved: RITZWELL (highlighted image), MONTANA,  ARTDESIGN,  EGOÉ, AMOSDESIGN, HELENA DARBUJÁNOVÁ OR MOGG among many others.

We returned to the city centre to end our day at CARATTERI welcome cocktail, where Maurizio Bernabei howed us his artisan crafted lamps in Corso Veencia (il Quadrilatero della moda).

* ATM staff (Azienda Transporti Milanes) make a fortune this week with suckers like Royito´s crew. They wait on the last station, the one that gives access to the exhibition, and they kindly let you know that the standard ticket that you have been using the whole day is not valid on this station. We leave the penalty fee that we received to your imagination.


        • DAY 2 (FRIDAY 14th)… MADNESS IN BREDA

The second day we visited the neighbourhood of Breda. We would never have imagined the amount of stores and apartments turned into showrooms that there was going to be. It´s simply a design party along the neighbourhood. From this day, we highlight the minimalist tap of CEA, and the chairs, kitchens and living spaces of EPÓNIMO. As a curiosity, VIABIZZUNO, hat provide different fittings to design your own lamp.


In Tortona district, it was interesting how traditional craftsmen like STUDIO LA CUBE)from Madrid, or artistic designs like FENOMÉNA FENÓMENA, were mixed with big brands like CARTIER jewellery and the impressive media spectacle organized around its showroom (flying Tesla included).


Generally speaking, our feelings about the exhibitions have been bittersweet… We haven´t had time to see everything that we intended, but we have seen the possibilities of our project and the exciting design and furniture community that exists worldwide.

We definitively aim to come back next year!

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